Lukas Kämmerling
Software Developer | System Administrator
28 Aug
@PrometheusIo: @Hetzner_Online Service Discovery

Hey there! I made my first cloud-native contribution! I added a service discovery for Hetzner Dedicated (robot) and Cloud (hcloud) servers to Prometheus! So, what does this mean? In the "old" way you need to specify each target within your Prometheus job configuration:And you need to do this for each of your servers, it doesn't matter where you host it. But actually, i'm always lazy ;) I wanted to have a way that all my servers are auto-discovered and I don't need to reload/restart Prometheus e...

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23 Oct
Laravel Horizon + Prometheus + Grafana = 💖

You want to see something really cool? And see how to easily it is to use Laravel Horizon + Prometheus and Grafana? Then have a look! I have something for you! An easy package for getting the whole data from Laravel Horizon into your Prometheus + Grafana Stack! So you will never search for any bottleneck without a great interface. But let`s start with a small story about helping a friend with his product:If you are interested in some internals of @pingpingapp, here we go. These are our @laravelp...

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