Lukas Kämmerling
Software Developer | System Administrator
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29 Dec
My 2019: A 🤯 Year 🤩

So 2019 is now mostly done. Only a few days will be left. And so I will write my recap for 2019. It was an incredible year. I have met great new people (mostly at LaraconEU). But let's start:PersonalThe year started with a long overdue surgery, I was out of order for at least two months, but I would do it again. As of the day, I didn't have any problem with my left shoulder, so everything worked as expected. I can live again as my before my first should `knock out`.  And the year had some more p...

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30 Dec
My 2018: A great year!

So everybody writes about his 2018, so I'll "jump on the train" too!PersonalThis was the first complete year in my own flat, together with my girlfriend! All works fine :) My Parents visit us often, even if they live more than 600 km away. If you ever have the chance to live in Bavaria, just do it! It is a wonderful place! I really love the silence in the "Bavarian forest", the air and the nature! In the private everything works really great, but there is only one thing that is really annoying...

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